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Our dedication to providing the superior home delivery experience gets the attention of the people who matter most: the consumers your business works so hard to earn. Check back for new consumer reviews often. 

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Our Verticals

Last Mile Home doorbell

We are far more than just a delivery company. Traditional last mile, store-to-door, and installation-only options give you an array of services to handle your customer's every need.

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Real Time Tracking

Customers want to know when they can really expect delivery of their orders, so now you can give them GPS delivery technology.                                                                                 

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Welcome to the World of Options at Last Mile Home!

The critical final mile of any delivery is your company’s last opportunity to impress your customer, so why take risks with a home delivery partner that isn’t a specialist in this segment? Last Mile Home’s name says it all: we focus exclusively on the last mile. We designed our processes and systems to give you and your customers that ultimate home delivery experience. Furniture, adjustable beds, medical equipment, major appliances or consumer electronics are just some of the products we handle for nationally known retailers and brand marketers. We offer store-to-door as well as dock-to-door home delivery services, but that is only the beginning of what Last Mile Home can do for you. GPS delivery truck tracking ensures that you and your customer will know almost exactly the delivery ETA.

We also perform services such as installing home medical monitoring and telephony equipment, among others, and we reach every ZIP Code in the US. Last Mile Home’s technicians will also perform assembly work based on your product’s specific requirements. And if your business calls for an embedded or a 4-wall dedicated home delivery solution, Last Mile Home has the experience and ability to roll out your program anywhere in the nation, or to inject new life into a failing one. We have the KPIs to back up our claims and we’ll be glad to share them when we discuss your particular final mile logistics requirements. Call us today. Do it now.

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